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K-8 Community Service

2024/2025 K-8th Grade Community Service Schedule and Partnerships

All students who want to participate in Community Service MUST register on MyPaymentsPlus. It's free! Items will appear on your students' account after July 22. 


K-8 community service is facilitated by Union Academy and completed by grade level.  
Lower School (K-2)
Our Lower School (grades k-2) partner with local organizations to start to get an idea of what it is like to go out and serve in the community at such a young age. These trips are often short, but frequent, exposing them to different opportunities. 

Intermediate School (3-5)
Our Intermediate School has adopted year-long community outreach partnerships for each grade level (grades 3-5). Throughout the year, students participate in projects, fundraising, donations and visits to their adopted organization. 

Middle School (6-8)
Middle School students (grades 6-8) experiences are much more hands-on in their community involvement. Every middle school class will have a chance to go out into the community to do a community service project or support a civic organization

Students from Kindergarten to 8th grade pack and serve lunches to the Union County Community Shelter, visit a retirement community, and help clean up and preserve a community garden, just to name a few.



Lauren Alley
Student Life Coordinator 
Phone 704-238-8883    



Lower School Partnerships